Healthcare in cuba | Cuba’s excellent medical care

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Healthcare in cuba | Cuba’s excellent medical care

Healthcare in cuba is excellent and on par with some of the world’s more populated countries. They have a number of healthcare professionals and their staff that are fully capable of treating patients within their own country and those visiting.

Healthcare in cuba

Healthcare in cuba is primarily ran by government officials. The government is in charge of the financial aspect of running healthcare facilities as well as being in charge of the administrative staff.

Cuba’s national health system is made up of multiple tiers: 1) the community containing individuals and families, 2) family doctor-and-nurse teams, 3) basic work teams, 4) community polyclinics, 5) hospitals, and 6) medical institutes.[37] taken from healthcare in Cuba wikipedia.

Cuba’s health care rely heavily on their primary care doctors and nursing staff. In order to provide the community with great medical care, Cuba has offered a free medical education program. As of 2013 Cuba has trained more than 10,000 physicians and more than 30,000 clinicians. For every 1,000 people, Cuba has 6.7 physicians and 8.2 nurses which is more than the US has. Since they have so many doctors and clinicians that are trained each year, they send out the additional ones to the countries like Africa and Latin America to get great medical care. Before they can graduate the potential doctors and nurses have to go through family medicine. Most of those become primary care physicians and don’t branch out of that field.

Not only do these well trained doctors and nurses make up a great medical care team but they also are trained to focus on disease prevention in their country. If their patients aren’t deemed as much of a threat as some others, they will have their PCPs come visit them 2x a year and the others will be visited as much as 2x per week. The medical team has to report the ones that are more at risk to their local health district. They are continually improving their methods to communicate their findings to the families of the affected ones.

To better ensure their capabilities as a better focused medical group, the team usually lives within their communities so that they can see the wants and needs of their patients. The Consultorios are the ones that meet yearly to discuss all of this with their local health district so that they can tackle ideas on best how to approach it all within the community.

Cuba’s health care gained notoriety when it was the only one that came up with a proven vaccine against Meningitis B. Since then more and more doctors in the world are using this vaccine. This country is also trying to develop a lung cancer vaccine which is now being tested in the US. Another discovery that Cuba has made is that this country found a way to eliminate transmission of HIV and syphilis from mother to child which is now being recognized by the WHO as of 2015.

So not only does Cuba have really amazing healthcare for its citizens but they also have amazing care for those that are visiting their country. They also are advancing their medical knowledge to help promote vaccines to those that need it. Cuba has an excellent health care system

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